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of Alcohol Industry Attorneys and Consultants.
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    Wholesalers and Manufacturers

    In Georgia, Sard & Leff, LLC is the go-to law firm for alcoholic beverage wholesaler and manufacturer licensing and regulatory compliance counsel. We have the knowledge and years of experience to help wholesalers and manufacturers succeed and respond to the changes in this highly-regulated industry.

    We counsel on:

    Federal, State, and Local Licenses

    • Alcohol Licensing, Occupational Tax Stamps, Surety Bonds
    • Annual Renewals
    • Special Order Shipping Licenses

    Review Trade Compliance

    • Marketing Events
    • Trade Shows
    • Requisite permits
    • COLA / State Brand Registration
    • Wholesaler – Retailer Relations
    • Create and Review Distribution Contracts
    • Label Review
    • Special Event Licenses
    • State / Local Lobbying
    • Defend Disciplinary Actions
    • Notice of Intention to Change Wholesalers
    • Private Labeling
    • Purchase & Sale
    • Private Equity
    • Customs
    • Bonded Warehousing
    • Sub-jobbing Agreements
    Manufacturer and Wholesaler use lists