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    Renew Your License

    An alcohol license is fundamental to your business plan. Sard & Leff, LLC takes the pain out of the renewal process by assisting with all the steps to conveniently and reliably complete the annual Georgia alcohol license renewals. Our alcoholic beverage regulation attorneys review and consider any changes to your business and needs when renewing your licenses.

    Being proactive is critical to renewing the license and receiving confirmation in a timely manner. Sard & Leff looks out for potential pitfalls as well as business opportunities that your business should be addressing at the time of renewal. Businesses should make the renewal process a priority in the months before their yearly renewal time happens. Failure to timely and correctly renew your license can lead to devastating economic consequences due to suspension of alcohol service and monetary penalties and make for embarrassing situations with patrons, staff, and other businesses you interact with daily.

    Sard & Leff represents many longstanding businesses and start-ups for all their Georgia alcohol license renewal needs. Their attorneys are sought after by many of the state’s and nation’s alcohol-related businesses. Trust in them to keep your business compliant, operational, and successful for many years to come.