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    Georgia Beverage Alcohol Licensing and Compliance

    Sard & Leff is the premier alcoholic beverage licensing and regulatory compliance law firm in the state of Georgia. If your business manufactures, markets, ships, transports or sells alcoholic beverages, Sard & Leff’s attorneys are ready to provide your business with the highly skilled legal representation and knowledge necessary to navigate the ever-changing and complex world of alcohol regulations.

    We are respected for our expertise by local, state, and federal authorities, and work tirelessly every day to uphold our client’s rights to operate in this dynamic industry. Georgia’s beverage alcohol laws are complex, and no one is better equipped to help you navigate them than the attorneys at Sard & Leff. With 750-plus alcohol licensing jurisdictions in the state, our attorneys use their decades of hands-on knowledge to ensure that you are aware of the laws, are compliant, and can take advantage of the opportunities to maximize your business. Call us today at 770.644.0800 to speak to an attorney about your beverage alcohol regulatory and compliance needs. More about our firm >>

    Our attorneys specialize in regulatory and compliance issues, including:

    Services for Retailers
    • Purchase and sale of business
    • Alcohol license applications
    • Alcohol license renewals
    • Festival/Special Event Licenses
    • Defend disciplinary actions
    • State/Local Compliance
    • Business expansion
    • Multi-unit transactions

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    Services for Wholesalers
    • Distributor agreements
    • Employee/representative permits
    • Defend disciplinary actions
    • Trade shows
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Franchise Rights
    • Review promotions
    • Bonded warehousing

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    Services for Manufacturers
    • Alcohol license applications
    • COLA/Brand Registrations
    • Federal basic permits
    • Import/export
    • Federal/State Compliance
    • Brokerage
    • Food manufacturer permits
    • Brewer’s permits

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